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Michal Olownia
Recording and music production
About me
My name is Michal Olownia and I am an award-nominated recording engineer, producer and musician. I am experienced in recording a variety of music styles: from jazz and classical, through world music to rock and metal. I provide my clients with various music production services: studio recording, mixing and mastering, live and location recording, video capture and editing.
Music is my passion and I love working with talented artists to help realize their vision.
 Studio recording            and music production
Need a space to capture your musical ideas? My Alba Ra studio will be an ideal spot for you: a small production facility with a perfect blend of analog and digital gear ready to accommodate various kinds of recording projects. For bigger setups, I usually use  Silver Cord studio  next door, with a large and great sounding live room and expansive collection of microphones, preamps and other equipment. I also collaborate with numerous recording studios in the NYC area.
Live and location recording
My goal is to capture unique musical energy and every detail of a live performance. The recording can take place at a music venue, outdoor stage, small coffee house, rehearsal space or even at home. I work with musicians and bands of all music genres.  

I will put together a mobile recording package designed specifically to your needs. I use high quality equipment - isolated splitters, multitrack digital recorder, preamplifiers and microphones. Video capture and editing are also available.
Mixing and mastering
Looking to bring your music to life? Book your mixing session now to polish your unique sound! We'll work together throughout the entire production process to develop a final recording that you are proud of and which your fans will love.